I mean, who can't understand the look on ol' Eli's face here? I get the disappointment, you lost by 1 point with one second left to an undefeated monster!

I was hanging out at home last night watching the Pats play the NY G's with a couple of good friends of mine, all the while, thinking we'll steamroll this team! (which is what we expect every game) However, NY's offense came alive last night as pass after pass was completed and more 3rd down conversions were successfully completed. Back and forth and back and forth we went with possessions, and flag after seemingly endless flag was thrown.. Holding, pass interference, illegal block in the back... I was starting to get nervous.

By the last :41 seconds of the game with TB12 marching the Patriots down the field and into FG range for Stephen Gostkowski, we were finally in position to potentially win the game... and if we did... it would be by ONE point. The ball is snapped, the kick is up... and it's GOOD! 54 yards right through the posts for 3!

Now... Am I the ONLY one who gets so worked up I feel like I need some sort of blood thinner to prevent cardiac arrest? I mean really.. I felt so stressed out, like I was the coach or something. Is this a common response to a nail-biter, or am I just way too emotionally invested in this team?

Drop a line and let us know how you react!