January 31 is ‘Backward Day.’ Think of all of the backwards things we’ve done and do. Sadie Hawkins Day or dances could be thought of as backwards, although in 2013 one would think that anyone could ask anyone for a dance, a date or even hand in marriage. It doesn’t always have to be the guy asking. A question for the women, would you propose to your boyfriend?

There are certain words that are the same forwards and backwards called palindromes, for example, racecar.

Backwards in music, often swears in songs are reversed or backwards. Some songs have been said to have eerie messages in them if played backwards.

Kris Kross, remember them. They wore their clothes backwards. They had three hits, “Jump,” “I Missed the Bus” and “Warm It Up."  As a side note, they're reuniting in February.

Sticking with music, every night at 6 pm I count backwards from 9 to 1 with TNT our countdown on 92 Moose. You can get your song in to me on facebook, twitter, via the phones at 626-9200 or 547-9200 or here.