Hey, do you know what today is? It’s ‘National Goof Off Day.' I sadly wasn’t able to do much goofing off today but still it was a good day. What are you doing if anything to celebrate ‘National Goof Off Day?’ Maybe you’re heading out to Shenanigans to get your party on with Matt James? Maybe you slacked at work today? Shhhh. I’ll never tell. Maybe you were misinformed and bought Goof Off?

I think I’ll use my ‘National Goof Off Day’ card tomorrow. I have nothing really on the agenda for the weekend. I may stop by and see Mac Dickson broadcasting from Camelot Homes from 12pm to 3pm tomorrow and grab a slice of the six foot party sub from Subway. It’s an open weekend of goofing off. Wait, I haven't talked to my wife yet.