I was leaving the radio station to run an errand after the show this morning and next to the building, just sitting there, were these two items that I just know some child was missing. I wondered about these two things. Maybe to excess. Read my little poem or listen to it and decide whether or not I should bring my imagination down a notch or two.


A Tiny Pink Shoe and a Small Lego Block

As I stepped out the door to begin my short walk,
And to myself began to have a short talk,
My eyes glanced downward and much to my shock,
Was a tiny pink shoe and a small Lego block.

I picked them both up and I began to wonder,
What child’s bed had these toys been under,
Before they were lost, how much play had they seen?
Had they been carefully stored and kept nice and clean?

I wondered what had brought them here to this place,
Did a little one miss them, have tears on their face?
Was there somewhere a Lego House missing one block?
Or a single shoed dolly wearing only a sock?

So puzzled was I that I had to sit down,
I had to sit down on the cold and damp ground,
Should I take them both with me or leave them both here,
The answer came quick and was instantly clear,

What if a young child had been out here one day,
Was called on to hurry up while hard at play,
They just might remember, they just might come back,
They just might look for these small treasures, in fact

So I will just leave them, I’ll leave them right here,
To me they aren’t much but to someone they’re dear,
I’ll leave them right here on the ground by a rock,
A tiny pink shoe and a small Lego block

A Tiny Pink Shoe and a Small Lego Block by The Poetry Man, Jon James