One of my favorite places to take the kids is Funtown/Splashtown USA in Saco, Maine. You've heard the jingle if you live locally and if you do live close you're probably singing it right now. Sadly, the founder of one of the most fun places in Maine has passed away. Kenneth Cormier died in Celebration, Florida in the hospital after battling a brief illness at 80 years old.

Cormier bought the Funtown spot on Rt 1 in Saco back in about 1960. It all started with a drive in movie theater and a mini golf course next door operated by his brother-in-law, Andre Dallaire. He and Dallaire joined in 1967 and started Funtown. In 1978, Cormier bought out Dallaire and grew the theme park. Dallaire went on to start Cascade Water Park and again in 1996, like in 1967, Cormier took that over and it all became Funtown/Splashtown, USA. The attraction that we all know and love today. Rest in peace, Mr. Cormier.