Ben Lucas is a great young man.  Smart, dedicated, a great athlete and a fine representative of, not just Cony High School but also his community.  Saturday, July 19, he will play the final game of his high school career in Biddeford.  But he'll have more on his mind than winning the Lobster Bowl.

Ben, winner of this year's Fitzpatrick Trophy, will have his mom, Alison, on his mind. She was recently diagnosed with cancer. While the "C" word is always scary, it doesn't mean the end. It does, however, mean that many things are put on hold so a family can focus their attention on the battle at hand. That battle is being a supporter and cheerleader for the loved one who is stricken.

Attitude and support can do wonders, but neither can replace the medical attention that is necessary in this situation.

A fund has been set up for Alison at's what the page says...please, help if you can:

Alison Lucas was recently diagnosed with cancer. While their family has been blessed this year with the joys their three sons have brought them, they have now been broadsided with this diagnosis of cancer. The Augusta Community wants to team up to help the Lucas Family through this crisis. Many people have asked how they can help. There will be a fundraiser for the Lucas family on August 16th-watch for details! Or if you would like to make a direct donation to help with medical expenses you can make a donation here. Team Lucas thanks you!