Delaware tolls get skipped by which state's license plates the most? Maine! That's right, we blow through Delaware like we own the state. Okay, it's not totally our fault or even possibly Maine residents. The cheaters are not necessarily from Maine.

Trailer tags for non residents are cheap to get in Maine. The registration cost for a trailer is only $12 for 12 years. Trailers hide the real back plates on cars. The other part, some states don't require front plates on their vehicles. After doing the math, it does seem hooking up a trailer is way less expensive than paying the tolls over a 12 year span.

Delaware has $1.26 million in lost toll revenue from Route 1 and I-95 and 25% of that is due to Maine trailer registration tags. Delaware will hunt the evaders down if it's worth it, I'm guessing. The plates do belong to someone, just not necessarily Mainers.