Yes, oil prices are down, but you still don’t want to waste it if you don’t have too. Now, a study of single-family Maine homes shows the state's housing stock loses more heat energy to the outside than two other New England states studied.

Tightening up those homes could save the equivalent of 62 million gallons of oil per year, the study says, which equals more than $120 million in savings annually at the current $2-per-gallon cost. The study shows that air leakage is the single greatest source of heat loss in Maine single-family homes. It accounts for about 34 percent of all heat loss. Above-ground walls, ceilings and basement components also account for significant heat loss. Doors are responsible for only 2 percent of heat loss.

On average, Maine homes are 58 years old. The most efficient homes were found to be much younger and usually built in 1988 or later. The least efficient homes were over a century old.

Last year, 10,000 Maine homes were involved in weatherization upgrades, a little less than 2 percent of all Maine homes.