Yes it's true. It's my birthday- well not today, but tomorrow. However, you can find me DJ'ing my own birthday party tonight at Shenanigans.

Come on down, request a song, have a drink and party with me!

Tomorrow I turn 28 years old. My lord, where has the time gone? I remember coming in and being a part of the Moose since I was 3. Does that mean that I've been roaming the halls here for 25 years? Okay, that's it, put me in a nursing home.

I'm certain that some of you can relate, but you don't really notice how fast time moves until you have children. Evan, now 6, is the hour glass in which I watch the sands of my life going flying by. I used to only care about me, my, I...number 1! But now that I have a son, I can barely keep a grasp on the difference between today, tomorrow and yesterday... Though as the seasons change so do we. We grow, we learn, we live... wait.. this sounds like Alanis Morissette lyrics.

Cherish your years... They're far too few, and go by way too fast.