Some people will shake their heads at this next statement and others will completely agree with me.  My wife, Marie Anne, asked if I'd like to see the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade in person.  My response was, "I'd rather be hanging out in Millinocket driving the dirt roads." In retrospect, what I may have said is, "I'd rather drive a blunt object into my eyeballs."  Fact is, I wasn't joking....

I take pride in the fact that I have never let my desires stand in the way of anyone else's, so when she said she'd like to go with Michelle for her birthday, I was all for it!  So, the trip was planned and the bus left from southern Maine right on schedule to the Big Apple.

As it turned out, I spent Thanksgiving with my friends, the Alleys in Albion and had a wonderful time while the girls were at a Thanksgiving buffet in New York Harbor and Matt was with his extended family and friends.

When it comes to lots of people and big cities, I'm not a huge fan.  As the song goes, "Just give me a home where the buffalo roam....."

Check out some pictures of the big birthday trip from the family album.  They had a blast and created a great memory.  I'm happy to live vicariously through them :-)