If you're anything like me, a seasonal allergy sufferer, then you know all to well the ravishing affects of blossoming plant-life and springtime pollination. Sometimes the daily symptoms are an itchy nose that I wish I could remove and leave in the fridge until I get home.

Some days it's the itchy watery eyes that make it look like I've been crying for hours, and, due to the allergies, I usually have.

What do you take for your allergies? For me, the only thing that has EVER been super-effective is Allegra. And, no, I'm not being paid to endorse their product. I still pay a million dollars a bottle for it just like you. Since there's nothing we can do to combat this annual catastrophe of nature's rebirth, let's at least commiserate together by watching this poor girl in class sneeze a whopping 39 times. And no, no number of sneezes is equal to a moment of bedroom pleasure- That's a myth. That I have debunked.