Well, that is about the extent of French I know. But in a Franco-American community like Augusta, you do pick up a few things along the way. For example, I know a little bit about Mill Park Petanque. You say it “pay-tonk”. According to Petanque America, the game was created about a hundred years ago in the south of France and is a cross between the Italian bowling game Boccee and horseshoes.

Why do I even know about patanque? I have never played, but I watched it from afar. If you visit the Augusta Dog Park at Mill Park, to the right of ADP is this fancy area clearly set up to play something. That something is pataque. The backers of this have done a beautiful job. Frequently I will see the sign up on Saturday morning. They are there and you can learn more about it. Even with all the construction in Mill Park, it is still one of the best places to hang out in Augusta and it'll be so great when all the work is done!