Tracy Coburn, one of my friends on Facebook and a friend of my wife, who graduated with her is a mother of a girl who has been in and out of the hospitals and Doctor's offices since her birth. This little sweet girl is Aubrey.

Aubrey is now in and out of the hospital for leukemia treatments.

I see the posts from Aubrey’s mother Tracy, some of the status updates are positive, warm and fuzzy and others make you teary.

This morning, Tracy posted about Aubrey just wanting to have a picnic and ride in a wagon. That’s all. That update broke my heart today because of knowing how much Vikki loves to go in her Radio Flyer. I don’t know how Aubrey’s parents handle all of this on a daily basis.

I pray for little Aubrey all the time to pull through her latest battle stronger than ever. Aubrey isn’t even school aged yet and is going through more tough stuff than even I think many of us adults could handle.

If you have it in your heart and your bank account to help the family out with their medical expenses. Even if all you can give is $5, I know they would be very thankful.

Her GoFundMe account is right here. The link also includes some information about what she's is going through.