Well all know that rapper's love their bling! But what happens when your bling is more expensive than what you can (allegedly) afford?

That's what one Atlanta jewelry store is claiming happened with their customer T.I. 'Aydin & Co' in Georgia claims that the artist was delivered an 18.5 karat white gold bracelet, a ring and a yellow gold rosary. He still hasn't paid any of this $44,000 bill (allegedly). The store now claims over the course of the last several years T.I has stiffed them out of $400,000 and with the interest they're charging, 1.5% monthly, the dues are now up to $700,00.

Maybe things like this wouldn't happen if they made people pay before they walked out with product. But what do I know? I don't own a jewelry store and I certainly don't have much 'bling'.