Maybe you remember 'Dallas' or maybe you’re too young? It was on this date back in 1980 that 82 million tuned in to the show to see who shot J.R. At the time, it was the largest viewing audience ever for a TV show. 'Dallas' is back on January 28th on TNT and still J.R is alive and well. Are you a fan of soaps, daytime or prime-time? The original ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’ was great. From time to time I’ll watch a bit of ‘The Young and the Restless.’ I guess I’m saying I know the characters names, but because I’m heading to work at that time, I rarely get to see much of it. If E.R. counts, loved that show and hated it when NBC pulled it. I just checked the building’s soap opera aficionado and he says Parenthood is borderline for a soap. Love that show.

In 1980 I was eight years old but I remember the frenzy surrounding one of the, if not the biggest cliffhanger in TV history. Who Shot J.R.? The answer to the question was Kristen Shepard.