Well why not?  Who needs all that happy-go-lucky stuff...I decided to get myself a concussion for Christmas.  All joking aside, when there is ice just be careful. And be thankful for co-workers who are awesome.  AND yes, IF I had been wearing my helmet I would not be in this situation.  

I was out and about yesterday to wrap up some important holiday business. I was with a co-worker and we were on a mission to get some boxes we needed for a project.  We were all done with our box project and we were returning to our vehicle with the slip happened.  I slipped on the ice and fell.  But here is where it gets weird for me.

Normally when I fall I hurt some part of my back.  I have a history of back issues. But not this time. I hit my head.  And from what I heard as it happened and how I feel after, I think my head may have be the only part to make solid contact.

As the back of my skull made firm contact with the ice I heard the most abominable sound.  It was a cracking, crushing sound that reverberated through my head.

My first thought...I just broke my skull.

SO do I not move like you should do with an injury like this...NO....

I touch my head...no blood or brains appear to be falling out. I realize I can move so I could touch my head...I must not have hurt myself to bad...I guess.  Co-worker is now at my side...I realize I am not alone. But it hurts and stings and that noise it made...

I lose it.

I full on lose any composure I had or ever had.

I now curl up in a ball on the ice and start crying uncontrollably.

I did manage to get myself together...wipe the mascara off that was now ALL over my face.

And we finished out project. After all I am with someone and there are any after effects I have some one to get me to a docs or save me from myself.

After a dozen people telling I should go check out and a dizzy spell that was a bit alarming I do go to a walk in clinic.  Concussion!

So, I need to rest my brain.  That is what my brain will be doing this weekend.

Merry Christmas 2016!

* any and all typos or sentences that make no sense...I HAVE A CONCUSSION!  Give me a break!  So, how long can I use this as an excuse?