Yes, I'm back with another ridiculous, but sadly, true, tale from my life.

This one involves my daughter, Elsa (not her real name, but it is the one she wishes she was called), a lost tooth and a late-night run to Walmart to fulfill a Tooth Fairy wish.

Yup, you read that right, I dashed off to Walmart at 10PM to secure Shopkins to make sure that my 7-year-old daughter got what she wanted from the Tooth Fairy.

It all started when she came home from a dinner at my sister-in-law's with my wife. I was into my fourth episode of "The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" and was just about to call it a night when they got in. I took Elsa upstairs and started to help her brush her teeth.

Sounds simple, right? Not in our house. She has a Disney tooth brushing app (because Disney is everywhere), where it times how long she brushes and then awards her with a virtual sticker at the end. She thought she was just one sticker from filling her Ariel book and unlocking the Frozen one, and was excited.

So, midway through the tooth brushing, her tooth popped out. She handed it to me and we rushed down to tell her mother. We then went up to finish brushing, and that's when she discovered that for some reason, the app did not give her a sticker for the morning, and she wasn't able to get the Frozen sticker book.

Cue the tears.

We quickly got over that though, and then we moved on to the exciting subject of the tooth fairy. I went and put the tooth in a little box that she was given when her first tooth came out. Mentally, I was already getting the dollar out of my change bank and putting it under her pillow and going off to sleep.

But then, Elsa opined that she really wished that the Tooth Fairy brought her something other than money this time, and she really wanted Shopkins.

These are Shopkins, they haunt my dreams. Seriously, what are they? Food and other inanimate objects shouldn't have faces! Photo by: Shopkins via

Not wanting to disappoint my daughter, I had a quick discussion with my wife, and then slipped out of the house at 10PM on a quest for Shopkins.

Yes, I caved, I can feel you judging me.

So I went to Walmart, my favorite place in the world, especially after my propane adventure there went so well!

Naturally, the only open door at Walmart was the one as far away from the toy department as possible, leaving me to wander through the entire store in an exhausted haze.

Then, I was forced to wander up and down the toy aisles looking for Shopkins, getting sidetracked for several minutes at the Star Wars Lego display. Finally, I find the Shopkins, grab one, and then realize with horror, I need to actually go through a checkout line with this, and THAT'S just going to look strange at 10:30PM on a Tuesday.

But, I pressed on, and got through the checkout line by avoiding eye contact with the cashier and praying that no one I knew saw me.

The photographic proof of my successful quest!

I got home and managed to slip the booty under Elsa's pillow and get off to bed.

And you know what, her excited face in the morning made it all worth it.

And yes, we did have a discussion about how the Tooth Fairy doesn't always bring Shopkins, sometimes she just leaves money and that maybe she was generous this time. That seemed to go over OK, and the Tooth Fairy can always leave a note saying that she is leaving money to buy Shopkins. Yeah, that should work. Should have thought of that before, I could have gotten an extra hour of sleep!