A Hancock County bus driver is being accused of putting 'Hello Kitty' duct tape over the mouths of 2 Surry Elementary School students.

The alleged incident occurred Nov. 6 when two fourth graders walked off their bus accusing their bus driver of silencing them with duct tape. The driver denies the allegations. However, superintendent Mark Hurvitt said other students confirmed that duct tape was being used and they claim that it wasn't the first time.

School principal Cathy Lewis said she immediately asked the bus drivers' employer, First Student, to investigate. Currently, the driver is not being allowed to transport students.

The principal has posted a letter on the school’s website discussing the issue:

Dear Parents and Community Members,

We have wonderful children, and, as you know, staff here protects them, and works hard at keeping them safe—emotionally and physically. This week it came to my attention that there had been a bus issue involving “Hello Kitty” duct tape. Most children thought it was a game and never thought a thing of it. I saw it differently when it was reported to me, and rode that bus run that afternoon until we could replace the driver. I do not think the intent was to hurt or embarrass anyone, but it was an error in judgment on the part of someone entrusted to take care of the kids. As a result, we will have a new bus driver... read more!

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