Angry Birds

5 Apps That Would Make Better Movies Than ‘Angry Birds’
They are seriously making an 'Angry Birds' movie. What will it be about? Who would be in it (aside from obviously Nicki Minaj)? Will it just be Nicki Minaj doing everyone's voices? It raises a lot questions, but none are more depressing than 'if 'Angry Birds,' then _____?' They're turning a phone ap…
‘Angry Birds’ Movie Coming in 2016
The 'Angry Birds' movie is coming whether you like it or not. Rovio, the company behind the popular mobile game, has teamed with the producers of 'Despicable Me' to plan an upcoming animated movie. And, surprise, it will be in 3D.
Angry Birds are Branching Out to Theme Parks
I love Angry Birds. Not being a big fan of birds in real life, I like sending them flying along and hitting things. It is all fantasy; I would not do that in real life! No, I really wouldn't.  Really!  Check it out. Angry Birds have a theme park...