The Reasons We Unfriend People on Facebook
I only remember unfriending one person on Facebook...ever. As anyone who listens to the show knows, I like to follow public opinion on politics and make jokes (at politicians' expense) when a political figure does something unpopular or just plain dumb. Paul LePage has provided a lot of fodder …
12 Parents Embarrassing Their Kids on Facebook
There's a funny thing about parents and technology. That being a majority of moms and dads are pretty tech unsavvy without the help of us internet-obsessed younger folk. And while parental struggles can be frustrating at times, their attempts to get in the techy loop are mostly just hilari…
Facebook Feed Pet Peeves – Have Any?
I was going through CNN's website trying to come up with something to write about and an article inspired this post. Facebook feed pet peeves. Things that come up in your feed that aren't serious enough to unfriend or hide someone but just make you shake your head or just irk you.

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