Bazinga! Students Pull off April Fools Day Prank on Teacher
An idea + a cell phone + the ability to keep a straight face = April Fools! I am not much of one for pranks, but I will give credit when one is pulled off to perfection. This is an April Fools Day trick that was well done and will be one that this college class and teacher will remember forever!!!
Ellen DeGeneres Pranks Strangers With Taylor Swift Lyrics
In a recent episode of the Oprah of the 2000's (aka 'Ellen'), the daytime talk show host sent one of her writers to Lowe's in order to stir up some serious confusion in a few unsuspecting people. How so? By speaking to strangers only with the lyrics of Taylor Swift&apos…
NYC Subway Commuters Subjected to Hilarious Panhandler Prank
Generally speaking, we would say please PLEASE leave commuters alone. They're already suffering the indignity of being elbowed by teenagers in the throes of sweaty, bubblegum and Axe-scented passion. After a day of soul-crushing work most people just want to be left alone. But this prank on the…