The first time I met Tawni Lively was while doing a live broadcast during a pool giveaway at Levesque Pools in Benton. She was there dropping off some of Momma Lively's Embellished Relish. It said "zucchini relish" and I was intrigued so I asked if I could try it...

She opened up a jar and let me take a spoonful. I had no idea what to expect and I was absolutely blown away! I haven't had Cains or any other type of relish on my hot dogs or hamburgers since! My daughter, Michelle, who never even liked relish, can't have a hot dog or burger without it now. "Do we have anymore Lively's?" she asks when we're grilling. I always say yes because I always make sure to have one or two jars on hand.

Tawni and Ed (Facebook)

Now, Tawni, her husband Ed and their family are looking to expand operations, hire some local employees (their farm's in Winslow) and get a tractor. Although they've put some money away, winning this prize would enable them to buy a used tractor, which they sorely need as they grow all the vegetables used in Momma Lively's products, which include the relish, dilly beans, strawberry/rhubarb jam and several different types of pickles, from dill to bread and butter to old fashioned mustard.

This is a good, Maine business built around family and agriculture and they put out a great product! You can pick some up for yourself at B&F Vegatables in Winslow, Levesque Pools in Benton and at the Village Market in Fairfield. You'll also find it's used to make tartar sauce at the China Dine-ah and China Dine-ah Too (coming soon). You can ask for a side of Lively's for your burger or hot dog, too. YOU WILL LOVE IT!

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