As I was walking ShadowDog Christmas Eve around 6pm, I heard voices and look over to a near-by parking lot, it was five of the bucket trucks working the Augusta area regrouping and talking to dispatch. Late tonight, a friend of mine who works for CMP as ‘essential personal’ will be coming to my house to catch a few hours of sleep after working part of Christmas Day. 

She will make it home Christmas Eve, after all she has two boys so being there, even if just for a while, is important. She comes to my house because I am only a short drive so she can catch another hour or so of sleep.

Any storm that attacks our power is a big deal and CMP has shown itself to rise to the occasion more than once. I know CMP is part of a huge company, but when it comes to getting the power back on, it is all about the man and women who are doing the jobs right here in Maine, making all very local. So, when it happens and it is this cold, it is a big deal. When it happens over Christmas, it is a super big deal.  A BIG THANK YOU to the crews, staff and their families as they get the lights back on for Maine.