The Richmond Area Health Center has wrapped up their second year of a successful weight loss program. This year it was over 3000 pounds. That is about the weight of a couple of draft horses!

All together their patients have lost over 7,800 pounds! They did it the old fashioned way, healthy eating and exercise. There was also a bonus besides looking and feeling better. Thousands of dollars were saved on unnecessary medications.

They call it the Star Program and the goal was to reward and be encouraging patients to lose weight and commit to a healthier lifestyle. Lose some weight, you got a star added it to the wall, and leave the health center inspired to lose even more.

In the past 12 months over 400 patients lose a combined total of 3,223 pounds. That is like two large horses. They even had two draft horses on hand from show exactly what that looks like. Richmond Area Health Center will continue the Star Program for a third year and hope to celebrate a 10,000 pound loss next October!