If the way we eat our Peeps says anything about who we are, it's definitely a sign that we're a cutthroat society because most people bite off the head first. YIKES!

Here are some of the stats, according to a survery:

  • 65% eat their PEEPS® head first, 16% in tiny bites, and 13% tail first!
  • 65% said they like PEEPS® chicks and only 35% said bunnies.
  • 49% eat one or two at a time, 37% eat 4-5 and 8% eat a whopping 6-10 PEEPS® in one sitting (Honey Boo Boo?).
  • 42% like yellow PEEPS® while 23% like pink and only 17% favor lavender
  • 46% eat PEEPS® only at Easter while 39% enjoy them whenever they can get them

So, there you have it....America's PEEPS® preferences. And now, let's fade to black with this lovely little Ode to PEEPS® tune!