It's getting so much closer... October.. it's just around the corner! Ahhh! Worry not my babies, uncle Matty has this wedding thing all under control. Err, Keri has it all under control but she helps make me feel like I made all the decisions. God love her.

Tonight she has her appointment to go get fitted and put in the order for her dress over at Dreams Bridal. You probably remember a while back I wrote an article about her actual dress appointment where she said 'yes' to the dress. Well, THIS is the appointment where she goes in for the fitting and they place the order- oh, we pay for it today, too. I thought it was like you go in, pick the dress, and you take it home with you that day. Clearly, I am a fashion fool. I still have yet to see the dress, and apparently, I won't know anything about it until the big day!

A potato I found, shaped like a heart. So pointless..

FOOD! Everyone's favorite wedding topic. "Have you picked your meal yet", many people ask me. Until this past weekend, no, we hadn't. Being the good French children that we are, we're having our reception at Le Club Calumet- or as we call it at our house, 'the club'. We have reviewed the menu and made our decision. Glazed ham, ziti and haddock with mashed taters, veggies and salad bar. I feel pretty good about this, in fact, I'm getting hungry just writing about it! Oh, and champagne. We've ordered copious amounts of champagne. Never want to run low on the bubbly. They'll look great in our new his and hers champagne flutes that I got as a gift from staff at the station, though Keri doesn't know about that yet. Hopefully she doesn't read my blog!

The only thing left to do now is book the limo company and send out save the dates.. Ahh yes.. More things Keri will want to do, and I'm totally okay with that!

Matty (the groom) out!