Everyday is a national day of something. Today, September 5th, it is "National Cheese Pizza Day." I'm not a cheese only type of guy, I'm more of a loaded pizza man, assuming the toppings are "normal". I can give or take black olives but aside from that, I'm okay with everything. How about you?

What are your favorite toppings? If I had to pick just three, I'd go with sausage, green peppers and onions, I suppose or pepperoni, ham and sausage.

For the Lewiston-Auburn area, I like both Pizza Market on Park Ave and Heathco's on Court. I haven't had Lewiston House of Pizza in a while, but I remember them as pretty good as well. For restaurant dining, I like Pat's Pizza on Center St while sitting on the deck overlooking the river and for chain pizza, I like Papa Johns the best.

On the radar of places to try in L/A, the new Stephen's Pizza at Roopers on Main St. in New Auburn and that joint down by the courthouse, I think it's called 84 Court St. Pizza.

Great it's not even 6 am and now I want a pie!