In a recent IG post, Ariana Grande claimed to be the "hardest working 23 year old".  While they do put a lot of effort into what they do, I think we can ALL agree that NO pop star is the hardest working anything...  So, what is the hardest job in world?  Based on what I read on Career Overview, here are my picks...

IRONWORKERS - They suffer an above average non-lethal injury rate, have to work outside year round, and often work high above the ground.


MAINE LOBSTERMEN - In addition to being on your feet on the shifting deck of a small boat for hours and hours a day, there's also the cost of doing business, Fuel, bait, boat repairs, etc, eats into that profit.  And, apparently, lobster fishing licenses are difficult to get.

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PORTA-POTTY CLEANER - Cleaning bathrooms is never the most pleasant job, but since people don't seem to care what they do (or don't) in a porta-potty the job of cleaning them is one of the worst I can think of.  On the plus side, most porta-potty companies clean them with pressure washers (so cleaners don't have to get too close).



PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES - The extremely tough job of getting the job is just the beginning.  Then you have at least four years of stress and sleepless nights.  And, when you compare it to some private sector jobs, the pay really isn't that good.  


U. S. MILITARY PERSONNEL - Defenders of our freedom who spend months away from home and are put in harm's way on a regular basis.  I have mad, crazy respect for these people.

Soldiers from the Maine Army National Guard's 133rd Engineering Battalion stand in formation before greeting their families at the Augusta Armory on July 1.
Photo by Mike Higgins


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