Having been through the first year of the Town of Terror at the Pittston Fairgrounds (Take Rt. 194 off of 27 in Pittston and go straight out), I thought I knew what to expect. I was told the maze was three times longer with more twists, turns and surprises. I had no idea!

I took a walk through before things were even underway and I was jumped several times as I tried to snap the perfect shot to put in a story. As it turns out, the perfect shot needed a re-take because, at one point as I was taking a picture, I was jumped by a clown in the mist that caused me to nearly lose grip on my camera. This is, after all, the Psycho Circus.

A few things to know:

  1. It's not a quick trip through...it will take a good amount of time...so use the restroom BEFORE you go in.
  2. It's not for the faint of heart, young children under 12 (without a parent) or for expecting moms (unless you're looking to induce labor).
  3. If you are afraid of clowns, decide before you go in that you will face your fears head-on, because you will encounter a few.
An unfortunate victim being picked over by a vulture at the Town of Terror

Two or three people last night, at opening night, decided they couldn't make it all the way through. That's okay. There are exits along the way for such decisions. But if you want to have a great and very scary time, this is one haunted trip you definitely want to experience.

The Town of Terror is open from 7-11 every Friday and Saturday night through Halloween.