My wife was nervous when we got somewhere above Orono on our way to Millinocket and the speed jumped from 65 to 75 miles-per-hour.  That meant, on a dry day with excellent conditions, it's ok to go a little over 80.  In fact I've been told by State Troopers that you won't be bothered so long as you keep it in that range.  Now imagine upping the limit to 85.  Wow!  That happens nowhere in the US, right?

Wrong!  It will be the speed limit on a 41-mile section of  Texas 130 when the toll road is complete in early November.   When that happens, it'll give Texas the highest speed limit in the country.  Utah will fall to second highest with it's 80 mph limits.

Hey, realistically, 75 is fast enough...maybe even too fast for a speed limit.  As Maine comedian Bob Marley quips, "75?  Why do they want to slow us down.  Somebody should tell them that we've been going 90 for years!"