Christopher Furlong, Getty Images

So what do you think about children as young as 12 working in real jobs? This is what Governor LePage was suggesting. He did say that there would be limits, like only up to 10 hours a week for a 12 year old and 15 hours a week for 14 year old. Controversial yes, but my issue somewhat about age, but is more about paying them less for doing the same work as an adult. The minimum wage for a minor would be $5.25 an hour. That’s $2 less than an adult at minimum wage for doing the same work. Both children and adults would be in "training" at orientation in their jobs.

Repealing parts of the child-labor law isn't a new idea for Governor LePage. He a had this thought in the past but never went anywhere. Yes this brain "child" was in the news back in March of 2011 as well.

My guess is the low wage workforce would be full of minors if their minimum wage was $2 lower than an adult's. Saving money is saving money.

Would I want my 14 year old son working at say a restaurant? I would be somewhat alright with it, if he was paid the same as I was if I worked there starting and if I was okay with the management and or ownership.

I had a paper route as a kid and it gave me a bit of spending money but it was only an hour a day after school. I do think a 12 year old is too young for working but I can see a 14 year old punching a clock with strict limits including earning the same pay as their adult co-workers in the same position.