Bill Wahlefield, the owner of 32 General on Route 32 in South China kept saying, "we're going to get those tables up here soon."  Things got busy.  It didn't happen.  Then somebody drove through the side of the building....

That's when things started to happen. 32 General went from a convenience store/gas station with a couple of tables and a window-side counter to a small, well set-up convenience store/gas station/eatery!

According to Bill, it was as good a time as any to bring out the beautiful tables he had stored in the cellar and place them in the store, which was the plan all along.

Now, regulars and not so regulars can come in, place their order and take it home or eat it right there in the store in a private booth.  Well, as private as you're going to get in a general store, that is.  If you want to make it a romantic dinner, I suggest you bring your own candle.  Oh, and alcohol cannot be consumed on the premises.

On a side note,  It always makes my day to see Tina's smiling face when I go in early for my coffee or say hello to Elsie (the manager) and the rest of the 32 crew!



Congratulations to Bill and his staff.  The store looks better than ever and, from what eyeballing it can tell, business is rockin'!