According to WHDH, a 5th grader from New Hampshire has been kicked off his bus for the rest of the year over a "mask infraction".

Leilani Provencal, 9 year old Body Heath's mother, posted the  “inappropriate bus behavior notification” slip on Facebook.  The slip sites the 5th grader's not wearing his mask over his nose as the reason he has been kicked off the bus.  What's worse is that he has been kicked off the bus for the remainder of the year.

According to Provencal, on Tuesday (October 6th), her son had temporarily lowered his mask in order to eat a mint given to him by another student on the bus.

It was his second bus infraction.  Earlier in the school year, Heath had used an electronic device on the bus when he was not supposed to.


It is important to note that the punishment was given by JPI Transportation, the bus company, not the school district.  The administration for the district, located in Monroe (NH) said they did not have the power to change the bus company's policies, but that they would be discussing the situation at their next school board meeting.

How do you feel about the situation?  Did the bus company over-react or was the punishment appropriate?

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