My point in this? None, other than even with a lot of time to just chill out I have been able to accomplish some stuff that just needed to do. I hope each of us comes out the other side of this thankful for what they have and make a few lingering projects behind them.

  1. Gave blood for the very first time. I hate needles so it was scary. The American Red Cross team was wonderful. I will do that again.
  2. My taxes. Ugh. I was going to have to do them anyway. They are done, filed and check is written.
  3. Re-organized my closets and my kitchen cabinets. AND I need to do it again...I can do it better!
  4. Reviewed my retirement accounts. (I know…crappy time to do that!)
  5. I started helping the Meals On Wheels Program at the Cohen Center in Hallowell.
  6. Lost 5 pounds.
  7. Walk or do a workout almost every day.
  8. I have only ordered take out food three times in three weeks. I have decided to do it at least once a week to support local restaurants doing take out.  

What sort of stuff have you done? Even if it getting sleep or taking the time to relax a little more that is an accomplishment too!

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