Due to a need for adequate air conditioning for donor safety, this Friday's blood drive has been relocated to the Augusta Civic Center. All other details remain exactly the same. 

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Last year my soul was so happy to see all the volunteers show up to donate blood with the 92Moose-Central Church-American Red Cross Blood Drive.

With all the world changes in the last few months, I was not sure if it would happen this summer…but IT IS BACK! The date is Friday, August 14, from noon to 5 pm. I will be there from noon until 2 pm at Central Chruch.

First of all, a HUGE thank you to Central Church at 20 Mission Ave in Augusta, Maine, as our host site for this important event. Central Chruch is a beautiful partner for this event.

The American Red Cross is asking you to please pre-schedule your appointment. It helps to control the flow of people in and out and helps social distancing. It also saves you from waiting around.

The need for blood and blood products is an ongoing issue. Blood does not last that long, and people still need it for medical treatments, surgery, and emergencies. So an ongoing supply, even during a pandemic, is necessary.  

I have donated since the pandemic started, and I will tell you the American Red Cross is taking many safety precautions. There is physical distancing during the entire process, you have a temperature check, wear a face mask, and hand sanitizer to sanitize before you even walk through the door.

If it is your first appointment for a donation, they will ask you to go over some information, but if you are regular, I sure hope you have the app, makes it SO easy to pre-register, and pre-screen before you arrive. It also tracks your donations, so you know just how much of a difference you have made.

Every blood type is needed. The American Red Cross will be doing regular blood donations and power red.

Make your appointment today. 

See you there!  

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