When we decided to get a pool seven or eight years ago, we went with Levesque Pools in Benton. The Moose had a working relationship with them and I really liked Tom Spencer, the only one I knew there at the time.

We knew we needed an above ground because our property is all ledge. We knew we wanted something around 24 feet in diameter. We DIDN'T know we had to choose the STYLE of pool we wanted. I'm glad we were given the choice and you'll see why!

Tom explained that one pool, the most common, had the metal ribs on the outside which support the pool wall. He said that these are great pools and he'd feel comfortable selling me one. He also told me that "Dan, the Pool Man," who is now the owner, would install it himself, rather than hire an outside contractor. He wants to know that the work people get from Levesque's is top notch. That, alone, impressed me.

Draining the pool
Draining the pool

After assuring me he wasn't trying to up-sell me, Tom said that they had a better, albeit a bit more expensive option, called Radiant Pools. These pools have thick walls and, according to Tom, are guaranteed for life from winter damage.

After talking about it with Marie Anne, and know having friends whose pool had crumbled one year due to ice (and another whose lawn mower shot a rock through the thin, metal wall), we decided to spend the extra money to get the Radiant. I knew we'd never need to try the warranty but at least it was there.


Year after year the pool went through the winter just fine. Until this past winter. It was hard on everything. Many people had pool damage. We were one of them.

I called Tom and told him my pool was warped. He told me he'd never heard of that with a Radiant.

After getting pictures, he sent the Radiant regional rep out to see me (and the sad, somewhat misshapen, pool). He (Tim, the rep) was surprised to see that kind of damage but didn't hesitate for a minute to say he'd make it right.

After deciding it needed three or four new panels (the pool wall is made up or around ten), he warned me the pattern might be a little different on the new ones but I let him know it was okay, so long as we could swim this summer).

Tim left me a business card and went on his way. A week later, Tom calls me up and said, "guess what? You're getting a new pool!"

"The whole thing?"

"Yup! Tim said the design is different and he'd rather replace the whole thing than mix and match."

I couldn't believe it. Years after we get our pool, we're getting a new one because the company (both Levesque and Radiant) stand behind what they sell. Levesque's would have made it right even if the company hadn't. They had never had to use a warranty before so they weren't sure what to expect. Suffice it to say, we were all pleasantly surprised at how easy it was.

Do I recommend a Radiant Pool if you have some extra money to get a better product? Absolutely! Until they give me reason to think otherwise, I will praise Levesque and Radiant until the cows come home! By the way, I don't believe Radiant will cover cow damage.

Oh, just like the first time, Dan the Pool Man was at my house installing the new pool. He still wants to know it's done right!