My son, Kurtis was born on the 4th of July. Every year, we celebrate his birthday with a huge family BBQ and pool party at our house. Same plans for this year, until now...

Lat night we had to change and adapt.

This year's story actually stars almost a month ago. In trying to get our pool ready this year, we used water to fill our pool from our neighbor's well. Our pressure is really low and our neighbor was very generous with the offer.

We went through all our regular procedures with our pool and all our levels have been, and are perfect. The one issue. The water is green. I made the assumption that we were just having big time algae problems. However, nothing we tried help.

Last Friday, with D-day to BBQ arriving, I finally looked for some help and the water test showed a huge amount of copper in our water. I guess our neighbor's well water is loaded with it. Not to uncommon. The problem: When copper interacts with chlorine, guess what color comes out? Green!

We started the procedure to fix the copper issue, but it takes at least a few days, and the pool still looks very green. Again, it's safe and the balance otherwise is perfect, but who wants to swim in a green pool?

I should have gone see "Dr. Splash" right away from Levesque Pools!

My sister-in-law to the rescue. We are moving the whole shindig to her house (and her better than ours pool anyway!)

The only regret. We cleaned our house for nothing!!

Have a safe and happy 4th of July!!