Thanks to the Rockland Ford and Airwaves, 92 Moose will be airing a special edition of Club 9 2 3 from 12 noon and all night long on the 4th! It's time for our annual IndepenDANCE party... see what we did there? Crank up your radio or listen live on the 92 Moose App for FREE!

We know that times have been a little different this year. The Majority of Maine's 4th of July celebrations have been either cancelled or significantly altered. We're also expecting for consumer fireworks sales to be through the roof, too. So be careful out there, and don't blow off a hand.

When celebrating the Independence Day holiday this year, which just so happens to be on a Saturday, make sure you take us along for the fun. The great thing about our Independance party is that it's literally nonstop hits and remixes all day and night long. We'll even be running with limited commercial interruption to really maximize your fun through the day and most of the night.

We'll also be taking real time requests through the day as well. If there's something you need to hear, or a hot new banger you want to turn us on to, feel free to shoot us a message through the 92 Moose Facebook Page or you can drop a line through the free Moose app.

No matter how you choose to join us for the party, just be sure that you do. You don't want to miss some of these amazing and exclusive mixes we've been working on for this event. And again, thank you so much to Rockland Ford on Moody Drive in Thomaston and to Airwaves, your authorized US Cellular agent in Bath, Waldoboro, Thomaston, and Belfast.

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