Day 3 at Camp Out Hunger was a deeply emotional day here at the Sam's Club Parking Lot for us at 92 Moose and we are smack dab in the middle of the largest food drive in Maine.

We sleep, eat, breath and broadcast giving because Maine is hungry and we will not rest until we can help.

Navigating through a roller-coaster of emotions, we've met many of you who have endured hardships. The exchange of hugs, stories, and many many tears has made the first two days seem relatively light compared to the profound emotions we've experienced for each and every one of you on day three.

Many of you who donate are those who have already experienced hunger or are currently experiencing it.

In the midst of adversity, a truly inspirational mother is currently living in her car with her two daughters. Despite facing a series of unfortunate events that led to her homelessness, she exemplifies pure heroism.

Even in her challenging circumstances, she selflessly donates what she cannot use to help others.

This is the true meaning of Camp Out Hunger. This is why we do what we do.

Please enjoy the gallery of photos below while I grab my tissues and hug my co-workers.

We're with you.

Camp Out Hunger Day 3 in Photos

Take a sneak peak at day three of Camp Out Hunger with 92 Moose.

Gallery Credit: Lizzy Snyder

Camp Out Hunger Day 2

Here's a sneak peak at what Camp Out Hunger Day 2 looks like for 92 Moose.

Gallery Credit: Lizzy Snyder


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