This year we are happy to celebrate our 5th annual Camp Out Hunger food drive for Central Maine. We partnered up with the Capital Region Salvation Army and are now on day four.

The immense amount of community support we've seen is overwhelming and so joyous but something happened today that made history here at Camp Out.

Lizzy Snyder
Lizzy Snyder

A gentleman by the name of Anthony Michaud stopped by to see us. He owns his own HVAC business with his wife, Melissa called, Kennebec Cooling and Heating. He excitedly walked up to us with a brilliant idea that we could not turn down.

Anthony proposed that we do a "supermarket sweep" at the Sam's Club.  Each DJ would race to fill a cart with non-perishables in just 5 minutes, and Anthony pledged to foot the bill for all the items which is a remarkable contribution to our cause.

The moment turned out to be truly monumental and extraordinary as we filled a whopping 5 massive carts with food.

This historic contribution now stands as the single largest donation by an individual to combat hunger in Maine.

Anthony is humble but he is now known as "Saint Anthony" to us.

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