Have you ever heard the saying, "Sharing is Caring?" I am sure you have. I have said it many times and heard it many times before. Whether it be on kids' television shows, movies, or commercials. You will never guess where it came from!

Keith Davis a captain and corps officer from The Salvation Army, to who we are donating all of our food, popped into Camp Out Hunger this morning and told me an incredible story.

I had said, "sharing is caring," and he put his finger on the back of his ear and said, who just said that and proceeded to blow my mind.

Keith's Great Great Uncle, Giles, was the most decorated Salvationist Military chaplain.

When Giles was a kid the Salvation Army used to give out brass horns. Giles and his brother, Pops (Keith's great grandfather) were planning on stealing the horns. However, the universe had different plans. Despite their thievery attempt, Salvation Army sucked them in. Instead of stealing horns, their hearts were stolen instead. Since then, Giles dedicated his life and work to The Salvation Army.

According to Giles Obituary, he was a consummate epigrammatist, coining such phrases as that since used with Christmas kettles, "Sharing Is Caring," and "Teach a boy to blow a horn and he won't blow a safe!" United Way once used his saying for an Army gym program, "Duane is shooting baskets instead of heroin."

He was known as a hero and visionary and he made sure to fight each day for the underserved. I know he is proud of his Great Great Nephew, Keith who is continuing his work to help others and spread the gift of love.

So every time you utter the phrase, Sharing is Caring, thank Gile, a young boy who was going to steal a brass horn but was forever changed by the Salvation Army.

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