The weather for the beginning of the week hasn't been all that great.  The good news is that it will slowly get better as the week goes on, though.

According to the National Weather Service, the chance of showers throughout Maine will slowly diminish as time goes on.  There's a chance of some thunderstorms today (July 1st) and we could have some showers on Thursday and early Friday morning.  By Friday afternoon it will be partly sunny.

The great news is that the weather for Saturday (July 4th) is going to be beautiful!  Mostly sunny with a high of 79 for Central Maine. Cooler in southern Maine.  Mostly sunny, but a high of around 69 in the Portland area.  And, on the mid-coast, it is going to be Sunny with a high of 73.

Clearly, this year's Independence Day celebrations will be a lot different than previous years.  However you are celebrating, please be safe and have fun.


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