According to News Center Maine, much of Maine will be in the cross hairs of some pretty severe weather later in the day. As a matter of fact, there is even a (small) tornado risk associated with some of these severe storms.

As we've been talking about all week long, the threat of severe weather has been with us since late in the day Sunday. Some people around the state have seen some intense weather, while others have been passed by. It looks like today we're all more likely to see thunderstorm activity.

Why today? Unlike the last several days, Maine will begin to see a temperature shift today. Later this afternoon as a new cold front begins to push into the state, it will also be pushing out the existing warm front. As that happens and temperatures begin to fall, it will create unstable conditions in the atmosphere. All of the combined is a near perfect recipe for heavy storms.

Some storms could produce torrential rain, damaging winds and, in some cases, hail. Make sure you have your outdoor belongings prepared for such weather as the 'when and where' of these storms remains mostly unpredictable.

Stay cool, stay safe and check out some of the crazy weather photos below!

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