Yes, it really is going to be that hot out. Also, I always say that I won't do it because it drives me nuts when I hear other people say it, but I have already said "is it hot enough for ya?" on the radio about 3 times this morning. I'd promise to stop but I'm not sure I can, I am officially in dad-mode now.

In all seriousness, this is the kind of weather where we start to talk about it being 'dangerously hot out', so please be careful today. And with days like this, it's not always just the intense heat you have to worry about. Maine is also slated to see some pretty nasty thunderstorms later this afternoon and evening. Some of those could produce torrential rains and damaging winds.

The National Weather Service has issued a heat advisory for Central Maine from 11a to 8p today. I know I sound like your mother when I say this but... stay hydrated! Seriously, drinking lots of water even in normal conditions is super-good for you, but it becomes critically important to your body during exposure to the temps we're going to be seeing today.

The high today should peak at about 93 degrees mid-day, but the heat index (or reverse wind chill as I call it) will make it feel closed to 100 degrees. Tuesday also looks to be a scorcher with temps again into the 90s. Things begin to cool off as we plummet back to the upper 80s for Wednesday. Stay cool and stay hydrated!

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