Save for getting out this morning and shoveling the driveway with Marie Anne, taking a short ride with my pal Norm Elvin, doing some commercial voice work, writing this article, prepping for tomorrow's show and making a pot roast, I've done nothing at all.

I actually sat down and watched the season finale of Homeland on the DVR while the roast simmered away on the stove.  Which brings me to the question; that's it?  That's the whole second season already?  But I digress. Whenever I watch television, I feel guilty because I know there's something else I could be doing that's productive. That's one of the reasons I watch very little on the tube.

I was going to spend my free day doing something outside but after shoveling and seeing 4 or so inches of snow on the ground, I just wasn't feeling it.  Besides, it was cold.  I actually use to snowmobile on days much colder than this, sometimes below zero when we would start out in Greenville at daybreak.  At 50 or 60 miles an hour, you could feel the bite of the air through the best of jackets.  I'm becoming more and more fond of spring and fall like temperatures.

Someday maybe I'll rethink it all and get snowmobiles again.  I do miss riding through the woods on a sunny albeit bitter day.  On the other hand, maybe I'll just spend more winter days like today and do a whole lot of (almost) nothin'.