If you had told me a year ago that the most 'normal' thing our kids would experience in 2020 was a snow day from school, I would've told you you were crazy. And then I would have apologized to you this morning because, well, you would have been right.

When you really break it down to its simplest form, however, it becomes obviously true. COVID-19 has taken so much from adults and the lifestyles we were all used to just a short year ago, but it has taken so much more from our kids. Our kids who don't yet have the tools to cope with such major change in their young lives. It just hasn't been fair at all.

The way they ride the bus, the way they sit in class, the way they eat their lunch- heck, even the way they go out to enjoy recess has completely changed. And, based on what I can tell, most kids have taken it all in stride despite the inconvenience and plain 'suckiness' of the situation. But today, December 17th 2020, there is a fresh opportunity for a small sense of normalcy. A good old-fashioned Maine snow day.

If, like tens of thousands of other Maine kids, your child doesn't have school today because of the weather, this is a perfect opportunity for them to do absolutely nothing. No homework, no reading (unless they want to), no Zoom classes, no masking up to go get on the school bus. Instead, let them put on their ski pants and hats and go outside and play in the snow. Let them have some hot chocolate, watch too much TV and eat chips for lunch. Let them be a 2019 kid for a day.

I know that moving forward some Maine school systems are reportedly going to introduce remote learning even on snow days, and while I can't speak for all parents out there, I can't say I'm a major fan of this. Let them have their snow days. Let them have a little normalcy this winter.


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