Today is Veteran's Day. Today is a day we remember and reflect on all of who served and all the sacrifices our military have gone through to keep us free. We remember those lost in Vietnam, the two world wars, Korea and more recently in Iraq and Afghanistan.

We think about family members serving away from their significant others, spouses and children right now. To those who put their civilian lives on hold and to those who wanted to make serving the country their mission in life, thank you.

Whether we agree or disagree with our Government's decisions in where we go and fight, these troops don't have a choice, they get their orders and it's off they go.

I remember at 18 years old, friends right out of high school, heading off to basic training and thinking, "Wow, those dudes are crazy and brave." This while I worked at a fast food joint and on off days either hung with friends or sat on my couch watching TV, all while trying to figure out my life.

My Grandfather on my mother's side died in a plane crash in San Diego during a training exercise back in 1944 or 1945. He along with many others have died to make this country what it is today. To my nephew Devin, who went into basic training two years ago, and is now in the National Guard, kudos!

There are too many family members who've served to list and mention where they fought, but to all, a huge thank you!

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