So, you just won BIG in the Powerball or Mega Millions lotteries (maybe BOTH)...  Your bank account is now flush.  So,what's the first thing you buy?  A new house, of course!  I mean, you're rich now...  You CAN'T continue to live in that beautiful 2,000 square foot home anymore.  It just wouldn't be right.

So, check out these posh seaside mansions:

Photo Credit: Zillow

145 Eden Street, Bar Harbor


15,000 square feet, 8 BR, 12 Baths (why so many???)


Photo Credit: Zillow

1172 Shore Road, Cape Elizabeth


15,000 square feet, 8 BR, 9 Baths


Photo Credit: Zillow

144 Frazier Pasture Road, Ogunquit


10,846 square feet, 8 BR, 11 Baths


Photo Credit: Zillow

18 Eagle Lake Road, Bar Harbor


7,682 square feet, 6 BR, 5 Baths


Photo Credit: Zillow

Sheephead Island (YES, your own ISLAND!)


3,600 square feet, 5 BR, 3.5 Baths