I know it's all anyone has been hearing about the last couple of weeks or so, but it really is hard to believe that the big Ice Storm of 98 was 25 freakin' years ago.

Like many major events that happen in our lifetimes, this is one of those things that happens and we always remember 'where we were' or 'what we were doing' when it happened.

And of course, because it's Maine, we also find any reason we can to throw a party.

You finally get that old Chevy you found in a barn up and running? Throw a party! Was there a wicked sweet deal on Carhart jackets over to Hussey's General? Chuck a party, bub!

Or, my personal favorite- Was the Ice Storm really 25 years ago? Better shut down the main drag and toss a rager, Kyle!

Well, that's literally what the town of Old Town, Maine, is fixin' to do next weekend.

The event will be happening in downtown Old Town on Saturday, January 21. The town, in preparation for the event, will be shutting Main Street down Friday evening. The road will reopen early on Sunday, according to event information.

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And, as every Maine party should, there will be no shortage of events to partake in. Attendees will be able to enjoy the chili cook off, food vendors, ice sculpture demonstrations, live music and dancing and, obviously, a beer garden and ice bar!

The best part? This celebration will help raise much-needed funds for local heating assistance support.

So get your Bean boots and Carhart jackets on and get ready to have a good time remembering one of the crappiest things that's ever happened to the State of Maine.

Parties, it's just how we cope up here!

Old Town Elks #1287 Event Flier
Old Town Elks #1287 Event Flier

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