According to WMTW News 8, it is quite the scene in Portland, Maine this morning as a water main break has created a literal geyser on city streets.

Officials tell WMTW that the break occurred near the intersection of Presumpscot Street and Washington avenue.

Those near the scene said water was shooting more than three stories into the sky and one person even reported rocks hitting his home.

Additionally, it was reported that several homes in the area had at least partially flooded due to the immense amount of water that was flowing from the broken water main.

WMTW reports that the main was shut down by 8 AM, though lots of water was still present in the streets even after the main had stopped flowing.

A nearby neighbor told Maine's WMTW News 8,

"We went inside because we felt like it was gonna get bigger. It started to get bigger. Then it hit our house. It started throwing like rocks at the house, so I was probably like-- we were scared and we were moving around. We checked the basement and the basement is flooded."

WMTW reports that it is still currently unknown what caused the main to break and exactly when repairs to the main, and section of roadway, will be repaired.

We will continue to update this story as more information becomes available to us.

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